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About the Thank You project

The idea for the Thank You Project was born out of a series of conversations we had with foster carers in which we asked them to share their most rewarding experiences. Amazingly, almost everyone recounted a variation of the same story: years after a child had left their care, there would be a moment—a text, a chance meeting on the street, a tag on social media—in which they learned what a positive, life-changing impact they’d had on that young person’s life. Often this realisation was met with complete surprise.

Most people who choose to become foster carers don’t do it expecting thanks or acknowledgment—they do it because they feel compelled to help. The discovery that they really had made a difference (even if it didn’t feel that way at the time) was deeply moving for them. It made us realise that, as a society, we could all do more to recognise the efforts of people involved in the foster care community. Carers, their families and friends, support workers, foster children and their own biological families… there are so many people who impact each other’s lives daily in a profound and positive way, and yet we’re not talking about it. The Thank You Project is our way of sharing these stories and struggles. It’s a platform for people to show their support and appreciation for the foster care community and for each other. It’s for everyone who’s connected to foster care, and for everyone who would like to be. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a foster carer, we hope the Thank You Project inspires you to take the next step, and change a child’s life.


A message from our CEO

The Thank You Project is very close to the heart of Fritha Radyk, foster carer and Mercy Community CEO. Mercy Community supports approximately 500 carers across Queensland. We have single-parent carers, carers with and without their own children, carers who are grandparents and carers from the LGBTQIA+ community. We wish to thank all our carers for the way they’re changing the lives of children and young people for the better.