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A new mother and father hold and smile at their new born in their kitchen.
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The types of foster care you’ve probably never heard of

Foster care is something that a lot of people know a little bit about. However, unless you’ve had direct experience with foster care in some way, chances are you have a broad view and aren’t aware of the very different types of care.   Children and young people come into care for all kinds of reasons.…

Two foster dads happily watch their toddler play with building blocks on their living room floor.
  • Need to know
I’m ready to become a foster carer. What’s next?

Becoming a foster carer is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling decisions you could make. Getting started can be a little intimidating, so we’ve made this simple guide to show you the steps involved in becoming a foster carer…  Part one: Initial visit and consultation  Once you’ve completed the quiz and we have your…

A young girl stands by the water at the beach smiling at the camera.
  • Need to know
New foster families: What to expect

By Marc Gregory, Practice Development Facilitator, Mercy Community Families come to foster care for many different reasons and no two families will have the same experience. Foster care can offer many joys, wins, and can also provide an incredible sense of purpose and meaning. For a foster carer’s biological children, the experience of fostering can…

Teenage boy in a suit smiles at the camera.
  • Perspectives
Celebrating as a family

Jenny has been a foster carer with Mercy Community since 2009. She has two adult children, and is also a single-parent carer. Last year Jenny’s family had cause for celebration—her daughter was engaged, and the wedding date was set.   While finding a suitable home for teenagers is never easy, Jenny has always welcomed young people…