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Teenage boy in a suit smiles at the camera.
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Celebrating as a family

Jenny has been a foster carer with Mercy Community since 2009. She has two adult children, and is also a single-parent carer. Last year Jenny’s family had cause for celebration—her daughter was engaged, and the wedding date was set.   While finding a suitable home for teenagers is never easy, Jenny has always welcomed young people…

A child puts a Christmas bon bon paper crown on her mother who smiles at her lovingly.
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Wishes at Christmastime 

At Christmas, our Foster and Kinship Care (FKC) regions each host a party for foster carers and the children they care for. Karen Vanderburg, FKC Program Manager for Mercy Community’s Ipswich region, attended the party organised by her team, where she had the chance to talk to many of the children.  ‘We had about 150…

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Caring for special needs babies: Maria’s story

Maria, who lives in Brisbane, has cared for countless babies in her time as a carer. Maria was previously a nurse and provided care for young babies who were born requiring special attention and lengthy periods in hospital. During these times of care Maria became aware that some children were no longer able to return…

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What the first night as a foster carer is really like

“It was emergency respite,” said Sandra, a foster carer with Mercy Community, recalling her family’s first foster care experience. “And we had two siblings at once.” “When I turned up to collect them, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if they needed to check my car seat, you know, I was thinking…